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The First National Bank of Dryden

Directors & Officers

Board of Directors

Board of Directors 2021


Board of Directors

Mark Goldfarb

Board Member

Mark N. Goldfarb

David Denniston

Board Member

David C. Denniston

Clinton Brooks

Vice Chairman of the Board

Clinton S. Brooks

Richard Beebe

Board Member

Richard W. Beebe

Sandra Prugh

Board Member

Sandra L. Prugh

William Pomeroy

Chairman of the Board

William J. Pomeroy

Executive Officers

President & CEO

Executive Vice President & Cashier

Senior Vice President


Bank Officers 2023



Back row from left

  • Stephanie L. Canfield, Customer Service Officer
  • Jodie L. Ford, Vice President
  • Thomas J. Lathrop, Assistant Vice President
  • Michael W. Shattuck, Executive Vice President & Cashier
  • Krystal L. Evangelista, Assistant Cashier

Middle row from left

  • Emma R. Whitman, Assistant Vice President
  • Clinton S. Brooks, President & CEO
  • Donna M. Jackson, Vice President
  • Michelle L. Browngardt, Senior Vice President

Front row from left

  • Karen M. Morgan, Assistant Vice President & Auditor
  • Laurie J. Comfort, Assistant Cashier
  • Ehren F. Bahns, Vice President
The First National Bank of Dryden

Statement of Purpose and Mission

It shall be the purpose and mission of this organization to operate a commercial bank and such other activities as permitted by state and/or federal law.  All such activities must be consistent with the purposes and objectives of the shareholders of this organization.

The bank’s most important asset is its customers.  Our products are designed, our hours are set and our employees are hired to meet the needs of customers.  High quality customer service is a primary mission of this bank.  The community that we serve shall be that physical area in which our offices and/or business contacts are, such as to provide a network of products and services to the public, and shall not be constrained by artificial barriers such as village, county, or regional boundaries. 

Over time, our definition of community may change as we have the opportunities to merge and acquire other businesses, but it shall be our purpose and mission to remain an independent entity in contrast to state wide or national branching organizations.

It shall be the mission of this organization to strive to obtain the maximum benefit to the investment of shareholders in terms of both short-term yield and long term growth.  When necessary, we will sacrifice short-term earnings for higher profits in the future, but only when we are sure that the short-term sacrifices are worth long-term gains.  This organization will also attempt to minimize the risk to our shareholders by making prudent business decisions and maintaining adequate levels of capital and reserves.

This bank recognizes the importance of the customers and communities it serves, and will strive to provide the highest level of products and service achievable in keeping with our commitment to the Community Reinvestment Act.  Further, it is the objective of this organization to provide such products and services in consistency with our objectives of long-term profitability and maximum shareholder protection.

The bank is a responsible citizen and business leader of our community.  The bank takes its citizenship duties seriously.  We will not knowingly take actions that are adverse to the best interest of our community, its businesses, or its families.