Remote Deposit Anywhere

The First National Bank of Dryden is proud to announce our latest addition, remote deposit (mobile deposit).  We meticulously checked our remote deposit technology to ensure that our mobile customers have a seamless addition to the mobile suite.  With any of our products, we don’t rush the release date, because we make sure the technology is safe and secure before releasing it to the public.  The end result?  Every customer feels comfortable with every transaction made. 

Remote deposit is only available through our mobile app.  Before you can begin with remote deposit, you will need to have access to the First National Bank of Dryden app. 

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Remote Deposit

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Key Points

Remote Deposit Anywhere

  • It’s important to remember to securely store the original check for 7 business days after transmission.  Verify your check has been credited to your account.  After 7 business days, destroy the original check by marking it ‘VOID’ and shredding it.
  • Remote deposit transactions after 3:00pm ET will be processed on the next business day.
  • There are specific limits set for remote deposit.  Please call (607) 844-8141 or send a message to a customer service representative if you have a question about your remote deposit limits.